Dark Horse's social media team are inspired by the power of authentic storytelling.

A team of passionate storytellers.

Dark Horse is a boutique social media management, video production and content creation team. We are passionate about creating unique digital content to build relationships, increase brand awareness and translate engagements into sales.

Nicole Jameson


Social Strategy Expert and Video Production Queen

Director and Digital Strategist at Dark Horse, Nic has more than 20 years experience in community development, social and digital strategy. This level of experience from private industry, local and state government, in addition to her quick wit, exceptional writing and creative video production skills is the strong foundation used to curate digital strategies in multiple industries and creating successful online communities. Partial to a good wine on 'First Friday', she also loves Mint Slice biscuits, tropical holidays, long lunches and telling bad jokes.

Melissa Fraser

Melissa Fraser

Senior Marketing Manager

Designer Extraordinaire, Master of Words and Office Swiftie

Melissa is our design and language queen - having worked as a Creative Director in the publishing industry of books and magazines (remember those... 🤣), before channelling her creativity into senior marketing roles mainly within the property sector. As a bit of a unicorn, she's found the perfect stablemates at Dark Horse. When she's not working, you'll find her with a glass of Shaw and Smith Sav Blanc in one hand and a square of 85% Dark Lindt chocolate in the other #balance.

Anna Robbins Bevis

Anna Robbins Bevis

Digital Marketing Officer

Social Media Expert and Master DJ

With a double major in Marketing and Advertising, Anna is definitely a Dark Horse double threat. A sucker for a funny dog video and a passion for social media and photography, Anna can bring your products to life with a cool Instagram Reel, trending TikTok or a stunning photo. She's also a Freo Dockers supporter... sooooooo.

Kelly Osredecki

Kelly Osredecki

Operations Manager


Kelly is our Operations Earth Angel who keeps all the business mechanics well oiled and moving in the right direction. From innovative ways to manage the business(es) to amazing one-liners on our payslips, Kelly is the heart of the Dark Horse team. She has also known Nic since they were wee sixteen year old fools and knows all the secrets.

Ella Hampson

Ella Hampson

Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant

With a recently completed Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), Ella is proficient in analytical reporting, social curation and the development of innovative and scroll-stopping short-form video content. Her expertise are highlighted by a meticulous eye for detail and are fuelled by her morning almond latte. She'll always laugh at your jokes, even if they are bad, just to make you feel better.

Jackie the Groodle

Jackie the Groodle

Chief Morale Officer

Stress Reliever and Food Thief

Always up for a pat and keen to show off her newest soft toy, Jackie is the office therapist, cheerleader and snack chaser. With a clear office favourite (Amelia), Jackie regularly does the office ‘pat me’ rounds to keep everyone in line. We all know who’s really the boss. It’s Jackie. She’s the boss.

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